DVD kiosk manufacturer says returns are safe

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PHOENIX - Last week, 3 On Your Side aired a report regarding concerns consumers have with renting movies from those convenient DVD kiosks.  

The concern is that although you return the DVD, the kiosk does not automatically spit out a receipt confirming the return.

In lieu of a receipt, consumers have to go home and check their email for confirmation which doesn't sit well with some because they already left the machine.  

Although 3 On Your Side attempted several times to contact the makers of the kiosks, one manufacturer called NCR finally contacted me.  

NCR makes the Blockbuster Express kiosks.

3 On Your Side explained to NCR that Teresa Ewell of Phoenix was billed $27.00 for not returning the movie Secretariat, even though Teresa claimed she did.   

"We don't have no proof that we actually returned the movie," Teresa said.

Teresa said she never thought to immediately check her email for written confirmation and eventually put it out of her mind until she saw that $27.00 had been taken from her checking account for the missing DVD.

NCR told 3 On Your Side they're always looking for ways to improve their system, but that emailing consumers a return receipt has worked quite well so far and that having a missing DVD is quite rare.

However, they did apologize to Teresa and as a goodwill gesture, NCR returned her $27.00 and even provided her with coupons for free movie rentals in the future.

3 On Your Side appreciates NCR not only addressing the issue, but resolving it when it was brought to their attention.

Teresa said she'll continue to rent from the kiosks, but said she and other consumers should learn a lesson to check your email not long after you return a DVD.

"If you rent a movie from a kiosk, make sure you go home right away and check the email to see they got the movie," she said.

If you don't find an email confirmation, contact the company right away.  Also, you might want to  make sure the email wasn't forwarded to your junk or spam file.