Pearce claims to have receipts for Fiesta Bowl-related trips

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PHOENIX – There remains more questions than answers about Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce and the Fiesta Bowl scandal.

Pearce and over a dozen other lawmakers reportedly traveled to several football junkets funded by the Fiesta Bowl.

"The ethics chairman gig was a pretty good deal when It was only a title on my card but now that I have to actually investigate stuff it's a little different," Sen. Ron Gould said. "One of the rules is that you can't violate a state or a federal law. That's how it has to be. The rules apply from everybody from the pages to the president."

Pearce says he has receipts to prove he paid the organization back although an Associated Press investigation says Pearce did not disclose anything regarding two trips.

“Were those tickets made available to one legislator, in which case it’s a gift…and a lobbyist cannot give football tickets of any kind,” Secretary of State Ken Bennett said.

Gov. Janet Brewer says she is forming a committee to save the Fiesta Bowl.