Jumping castle with kids flies out of Tucson yard, crosses Speedway

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Two children were in the hospital Saturday night with serious injuries after a strong gust of wind threw the jumping castle they were in onto a busy street.

It happened at around 2 Saturday afternoon on Speedway near 11th Avenue.

Utter shock and disbelief is what witnesses expressed just moments after a dust devil sent a jumping castle with two children inside flying over a fence, three lanes of traffic, then onto a median.

"I was going down the street and I see this huge thing go way up in the sky," said witness Lesterina Irbin.

It happened in front of the Arabian Oasis on speedway.  The organization was having an outreach day for children.

Michael Martinez was helping out and saw the jumping castle lift up in the air right before his eyes.

"At first I didn't remember, because it happened so fast, if there were kids inside.  And I was like, 'Oh, there better not be kids inside,'" said Martinez.

But one boy and one girl were inside.

The wind was strong enough emergency crews say at one point it lifted the castle about 15-feet in the air.

"They went really high up in that air.  Oh my god!  I'm devastated right now.  I'm so devastated right now," said Irbin.  "I hope they're OK."

Parents watched with fear in their eyes as the chaos unfolded in front of them.

"You couldn't decipher what people were saying. There were parents just crying they were terrified, I saw one mother walk across the street, see her child and say, 'Oh god,' and shouted the child's name and just start crying," said Joshua Wilson from Arabian Oasis.

Emergency crews said both children would probably be okay, but they had an urgent warning for parents.

On a windy day make sure the jumping castle's anchor system is in place, the equipment's not worn and an adult is standing by at all times.

"Never seen anything like that never in my life and I would never get one again.  No, I have children, I would never get one of those ever," said Irbin.

This was the second jumping castle incident in Pima County this year. In February, a 9-year-old girl from Marana suffered a concussion after the jumping castle she was in went airborne and onto her roof.