Kids leave hospital after airborne jumping castle incident

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It has happened twice in Pima County so far this year, strong wind gusts sending jumping castles airborne with the kids still inside.

Two children are out of the hospital after they suffered serious injuries at a party this weekend.

We've got some tips for parents to make sure it doesn't happen again.

They're big, bouncy and loads of fun, but in the past two months Pima County has seen two cases of freak jumping castle accidents.

The most recent happened Saturday after a dust devil sent a castle and the two children inside over a fence, across three lanes of traffic and onto a median.

"Any gust of wind can pick up the inflatable, it's made of air so they're really light," said Jennifer Ochoa.

Ochoa owns Whammi Jump, one of dozens of inflatable jumping castle companies across Southern Arizona.

She says staking down the castle securely is the best way to keep it on the ground.

Her crew puts down a tarp and then uses metal or plastic stakes to secure all four corners.

They also use either rope or a thick strap to tie the stakes down.

But Jennifer warns, even if the stakes are secure, there's a chance mother nature can overpower them.

She tells parents verbally and in contract, anytime wind gusts reach between 10 and 20 miles per hour, they should be ready to remove their children from the inflatable.

"I have here, 'In case of severe weather, move children from inflatable.  Caution, high winds may pull stakes out of the ground,'" said Ochoa.

Jennifer also says to turn the blower off right when severe weather kicks in so the castle can deflate. Also, keep it away from any kind of water.