Dean and Dusti Martin: Love when you least expect it

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PHOENIX – Former Arizona state treasure Dean Martin has put his life back on track since suffering a personal tragedy in a very public way.

Almost two years ago, Martin’s wife of 13 years, Kerry, died of a rare complication that occurred during childbirth. His newborn son died just two days later. Many people wondered if and how he would continue in the public eye after enduring such a shattering loss. But he did.

In January 2010, a little more than seven months after his wife and son died so suddenly, Martin announced his decision to run for governor.

Martin ended that campaign in July, but he did not leave empty handed. While he did not win Arizona’s highest office, he won something much better.

While on the campaign trail, Martin found love again.

Over the weekend, Martin married Dusti Morris, now Dusti Martin. “It’s something I never thought I’d be doing again,” Martin said in February.

The couple met while attending a Republican fundraiser. Dusti was running for state representative in District 11. She also volunteered with Martin's gubernatorial campaign.

“We ended up chit-chatting in the back …,” Dusti said about two months before their wedding. “I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I don’t think he did either.”

Neither was looking for a relationship, but by October, they were engaged.

The newlyweds sat down with Tara Hitchcock Monday morning to share their incredible love story.