Tax-filing tips from the IRS

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We’re less than two week away from the dreaded Tax Day.

But if you haven’t even thought about filing your taxes, you’re not alone. Arizona IRS representative Bill Brunson said only about half of us have actually filed our taxes this year.

Fortunately, we're getting a little bit of a reprieve. Because of a national holiday, this year’s taxes aren’t due until Monday, April 18. 

But Brunson suggests starting now, rather than waiting until the last minute. Some of the more common last-minute mistakes he sees are folks forgetting to sign their tax paperwork, not including a check if you’re requesting direct deposit, and typos when plugging in Social Security numbers.

“The way to avoid all of these problems is to file electronically,” Brunson added. “And electronic filing is free to all Arizonans this year.”

He also said most Arizonans are missing out on the Earned Income Tax Credit. 

“About 20 percent of those who qualify aren’t using it,” Brunson adds. “It’s based on your income and how much taxes you had taken out of your paycheck so make sure to double check the qualifications before you file.”

And as the deadline looms, if you’re just not going to make it, Brunson said you can always request an extension. He said it doesn’t matter if you owe or will be getting a return, but he adds there is an interest penalty for those who owe.

“The benefit of filing for an extension is that you’ll avoid the fees for missing the filing deadline,” Brunson said. For more information go to