Farm-fresh vegetables, delivered right to your doorstep

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PHOENIX - Imagine having farm-fresh vegetables delivered to your doorstep every week. 

For Kelly Saxer, the owner of Desert Roots Farms in Queen Creek, it’s just part of the routine.

“All of the vegetables are organic, grown right here at our farm in Queen Creek and harvested from our fields the day before delivery,” said Saxer. “This is a great way to add new vegetables to your diet and broaden your family’s palate.”

Desert Roots Farm is a 33 acre organic vegetable farm which sells all of its vegetables through a CSA  (Community Support Agriculture) program. CSA is a partnership between the farmer and the consumer where the consumers “buy in” to the farm by paying for a share of the farm’s harvest every week.

“A weekly CSA delivery will contain about 8 different veggies – picked just the day before they’re delivered,” said Saxer. “We mix up the variety from week to week the best we can but it’s largely determined by what’s in season and growing at our farm.”

Saxer said CSA is a great option for folks that are interested in eating local, seasonal produce. 

“It’s exciting to receive your weekly box of veggies, open it up and then design your menu for the week around the farm-fresh goodies that you just received," she said. "We put a “recipe of the week” on the veggie boxes each week to give folks some cooking ideas and we also have a ton of recipes on our web-site that are all organized by vegetable.”

Desert Roots’ spring season started this week and they still have a few shares available for anyone that would like to join.  Folks can get more information and register for the Spring season at: or give Saxer a call at (602) 751-0655.

Saxer brought along Chef Lou Swartz with her to the 3TV studios to show how to turn the fresh veggies into incredible dishes. Chef Swartz is  personal chef with Loup de Lou.  For more information on his services go to or call (480) 205-2268