Peoria teen handed big bill after bleeding on city street

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PEORIA, Ariz. - Bleeding on the streets and sidewalks in the City of Peoria just might get you a large bill. 

A Peoria family found that out the hard way.  In 3 On Your Side's first report, we told you about the Petz family and how they were billed $2,000 for bleeding. 

After our report aired, the city reduced the amount.  

"I'm just very sad that this is how the city treats its residents," said Jennifer Petz. "I am disappointed that they just didn't drop the entire bill because I do feel like it is something that people aren't aware of and if you do have an accident and you bleed on the street you are charged for it thousands of dollars!"

In 3 On Your Side's initial report, we told you how her son Taylor had accidentally punctured his leg with a steak knife.

An ambulance was called to the home and while Taylor waited outside for paramedics to arrive, small drops of blood fell to the street and sidewalk.

Although Taylor's wound required no stitches, the city prosecutor from Peoria hired a bio-hazard company out of Tucson to respond to the scene to clean up the blood droplets. As a result, city prosecutor Steve Kemp is now demanding Jennifer and her family pay $2,000 for the clean up. 

"I don't think that as a tax paying resident we should have to pay this bill especially this amount of money," she said.

The 3 On Your Side news report generated a flood of angry emails from viewers. 

One wrote, "I was in tears when I saw your sport."  Another wrote, "This family is being taken advantage of (by Peoria)."

Jennifer said that's how she feels. She said hiring a bio-hazard company was overreacting and hiring a company out of Tucson was just plain irresponsible because half the bill was for travel costs.

"First we were in shock then we were frustrated and now we feel violated and abused at this point," Jennifer said.

After that first report and after our involvement, the city prosecutor's office agreed to remove the company's travel charges and reduced the $2,000 bill down to $1,200.

Still, Jennifer said she remains stunned and amazed over the ordeal. 

"They were only willing to reduce the bill and take the travel charges off only because you got involved and they were not willing to do that before, she said. "I think 3 On Your Side has give me and other residents a voice in this matter."

It's somewhat unclear as to why the Kemp is pursuing the Petz family.  He said it is routine for them to do this. However, they later noted that they have only hired a bio-hazard clean up crew once in the last 12 months.