Arizona closer to budget; Brewer plan to restore ACCCHS transplant funding

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The state legislature Thursday moved one step closer to passing a budget.  A house committee approved a 13-bill package that now heads to the floor for a vote.

The Arizona Senate already approved the spending plan, but they need to work out differences with with Governor Jan Brewer's own budget proposal.


PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The governor wants to restore medicaid coverage to dozens of people who need an organ transplant.

Thursday she submitted a plan to the federal government to revamp the ACCCHS program.

The proposal would reduce enrollment by 138,000 people over the next year but it would also restore transplant funding.

Other cost-saving measures include new co-pays and an annual fee for smokers.  The governor's office estimates the changeswill save the state $500 million.