Makeover for midtown Tucson neighborhood

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A community revitalization project in midtown Tucson a year in the making is finally complete.

The Glen Verde apartments at Palo Verde and Glenn didn't always look as good as they do now.

A builder had plans for the area, but ran out of money and just left it sit.

"[He] abandoned it.  It was fenced in.  It was community eye sore and probably a crime magnet," said Dan Ranieri from La Frontera Arizona.

Last year La Frontera Arizona bought the facility with the help of federal stimulus money.

They were able to complete the community which will house low income families.

"It was specifically geared toward blighted foreclosed vacant properties with the idea to purchase, rehab them and I kind of restore the neighborhoods," said Ranieri.

A year later and ahead of schedule, that eye sore is gone and those eyes are now doing a double take.

"It's absolutely amazing, from the outside.  I love it, it has a closed backyard.  I have a little 5-year-old and he needs and he needs to be closed in to play," said housing applicant Ella Wartel.

Ella Wartel is a housing applicant on disability and is in charge of watching over her grand kids since her daughter went missing a year ago.

She could use the space in one of the 24 units.

"So I just happened to come over and I was glad to find out they had some places available," said Wartel.

The people from La Frontera are hoping that the success of the Glen Verde complex will open doors for other complexes like it in Tucson.

"And what I am hoping on is that folks in various neighborhoods will see what we have done here and say to us, 'We would like you to do this in our neighborhood too,'" said Ranieri.

Wartel is just hoping to open a door to her place in a few months, which will change her life.

"It is great news to my ears.  It's a blessing to my ears and the babies because they keep asking, 'Grandma, when are we going to move, when are we going to move,'" said Wartel.

People eligible for the program will fill out an application and if they're accepted they will be able to move in May 1.

The apartments are one and two bedrooms and are from 900 square feet to more then 1300 square feet.