Pet of the Day - Ace

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#690225 – 3.5 Years Old – Shepherd Mix – Male

Ace has the face!  This peppy pup has the most distinctive expression, indicative of his delightful personality.  Ace will really turn on the charm the moment you baby talk him.  Just give him some “Ooohs” and “Ahhs” and Ace will cock his head to the side, perk up his ears, and flash that unforgettable grin.  But behind his happy smile, Ace is a lonely boy in need of help.  Brought to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona after his owner passed away, Ace has endured his fair share of heartache and now finds himself searching for a best friend who could lift his spirits.  Ace would be perfectly content to celebrate life in an active home where he could play fetch, go on regular trips to the dog park, and romp around with canine and human siblings who share his enthusiasm.  Smart, fun and full of zest, Ace will make a wonderful companion for the right lucky family.  Won’t you give this deserving boy the chance to start anew with you?