March was warmer than normal and more hot weather on tap

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PHOENIX – If you think it’s been warm around here lately, you’re right.

We’re ending the month of March in the Valley with near record temperatures and for the entire month, it turns out, it’s been warmer than normal.

The average high was 81 degrees. That’s five degrees above average. The average low for March 2011 was 55 degrees. That’s plus two degrees.

We didn’t so very well on the rainfall either. Officially at Sky Harbor, we received .06” of rain this March. That’s nearly one inch below what we get in a normal March. That’s bad, but it could have been worse.

According to statistics from the National Weather Service, there have been six March’s on record in Phoenix when no rain was recorded, including 2008 and 2009. 

That trend seems to be backing up the longer-term forecasts we’ve been talking about.

Those are calling for a continuation of the warmer and drier than normal conditions across our entire state, not only for the next three months, but through the entire summer.

So, on average, what can we expect for April in the Valley? Our average high in April runs about 85 degrees with an average low of 58. Also, in an average year, we’d get about ¼ of an inch of rain but don’t count on that for April of 2011.