Arizona mall protest fence vandalized

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Last week an activist group, No Mas Muertes, installed a thousand foot fence on the University of Arizona Mall.

It's designed to symbolize not just the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, but also the barriers separating the Palestinian territories from Israel.

Some did not appreciate the wall or the message.

This weekend, the group who installed it found some sections vandalized.

"Half the wall was uprooted and thrown out in the street behind me," said Francisco Baires of UA No Mas Muertes.

The group found barbed wire that lined the top of the fence lying in the middle of the bike path and banners were torn apart and thrown about that part of the wall used to sit here, now it's gone.  But that was only one day.

Baires says they have an idea who's responsible, but no proof.

"We have ideas as to who it is but we don't have photo documentation so we're not going to say these people did it," said Baires.

The group says they've received complaints about the wall from students getting to class.  And they've also received threats from certain people and groups on campus, but they never thought it would go this far.

"Yeah it does make us upset.  That level of ignorance on our campus does upset us, because we like to be proud of being Wildcats and try to be proud of being from Arizona," said Baires.

The group realizes they have opposition and there are people who don't appreciate what they're doing, but they never expected the vandalism.