Arizona health: New marijuana rules; Transplant funding

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The Arizona Health Department Monday released the official rules for the state's medical marijuana program.

The 92 page report lays out strict guidelines for doctors and patients.  It's designed to ensure only those who truly need medical marijuana get it.

Among the proposed requirements, patients must get a recommendation from a licensed doctor.

Patients can begin applying for marijuana cards in April.



PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The issue over medical transplant funding is back in front of the state legislature this week.

A spokesman for Governor Jan Brewer says she's considering transplant funding as part of revamping the state's medicaid program.

The state currently faces a shortfall, and right now, the senate budget plan doesn't restore funding.

Brewer is expected to submit a plan to the feds to overhaul the program this week.