January 8 shooting victims show support for gun control initiative

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Since the January 8 shootings some groups have made it a priority to strengthen gun laws around the nation and here in Arizona.  Specifically, seeking tougher background checks for gun purchases.

Monday those efforts received ringing endorsements from several victims of the shooting spree, their families and law enforcement officials.

"We have an opportunity to stand together to promote reasonable measures," said Tucson City Council member Karin Uhlich.

Since the Safeway shootings a truck sponsored by "fixgunchecks.org," has been touring the country reporting the number of Americans killed by guns since January 8 in an effort to promote more comprehensive background checks for all gun sales.

"After my sister Reema was killed at VA Tech on April 16 I have become an advocate to fix our background checks and close the loopholes in our laws that allow prohibited purchasers to buy guns," said Omar Samaha from Fix Gun Checks.

Samaha was just one of many speakers asking for things to be changed with the background checks.

"I think its just important that we keep guns out of the hands of people that are dangerous," said shooting witness Patricia Maisch.

The goal is to close loopholes for people who are prohibited from buying guns, and put their names on a national list.  J.D. Schechter with the Arizona Citizens Defense League disagrees with the campaign.

Schechter feels that educating the public on guns is the answer.