Barrio Viejo festival to benefit KXCI

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- El Barrio Viejo is one of Tucson's most iconic neighborhoods. It has a troubled past, but Saturday it was party time.

Nestled in between Meyer and Cushing El Barrio was rocking.

They partied for a good cause to raise funds for radio station KXCI, in the process they celebrated the history of El Barrio Viejo.

"There's still a certain scar because certain portions of the neighborhood were torn down or moved," said Rialto Theatre GM Curtis McCrary.

But Saturday was about the food, the small town neighborhood feel, and the local music acts putting on a show.

There was something for everybody, even those Wildcat fans who wanted to take a stroll through El Barrio on game-day.

After four hours of street fair, organizers say they hope Tucsonans take one thing away.

"A very strong powerful sense of how great this community can be at its best that's what is all about," said McCrary.

Last year the event raised over $18,000.   No word yet on funds raised this year.