Southern Arizona Ride for the Red to beneift Red Cross

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Dozens of bikers hopped on their Harleys Sunday, to show their softer sides. It was all about saving lives and having fun at the Fox 11 "Red Cross Ride for the Red" event.

The route started in midtown.

Bikers revved up their choppers, hogs, and Harleys to hit the open road.

"That biker mentality just gets in your blood," said Terry Jones from the Christian Motorcycle Association.

Under that rough exterior is a soft side.  The bikers are headed to Tombstone for Ride for the Red event.

"I think it's a good way to support the community and the American Red Cross," said Legion rider Steve "Chico" Aguirre.

Money raised from the event goes towards disaster services and classes offering life saving skills.

The thrill of the ride is enough to get these people on the highway.

Bikers of all kinds were represented Sunday.

"Ride for Christ basically, that's our ministry to be out with the biker community," said Jones.

"Veterans helping veterans that's our thing.  We do a lot of runs that support other veterans," said Aguirre.

"We like to get out there and have fun just like the guys do," said Tangie Cunningham.

Many bikers say camaraderie for the cause is what makes this event unique.

"You know, riding with a group of people, it bumps it up a notch," said Jeff Cedar.

A Red Cross employee went along for the ride Sunday, urging her biker buds to donate blood.

"And it could be you, it could be for your kids, you never know who's going to need it," said Olivia Aguirre.

Tucked within every leather jacket is a big heart.  Behind the skulls, a sensitivity.  And a big passion for the pavement.

This was the eighth year of the "Ride for the Red" event.