Public-safety experts gather in Phoenix for Lifesavers conference

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PHOENIX – The Lifesavers Conference, premier national highway safety meeting in the United States, is going on in Phoenix today and tomorrow.

As Bruce Haffner explained, while not open to the public, the conference addresses a wide range of safety topics, from child passenger safety and occupant protection to roadway and vehicle safety and technology, offering the latest information on advances in highway safety, highlighting successful programs and drawing attention to emerging safety issues.

Having grown substantially since its inception in the early 1980, the Lifesavers Conference provides a forum that delivers relevant and timely common-sense solutions to today's critical highway safety problems.

One of the big topics at this year’s event is the growing issue of distracted driving.

“Nationally, distracted driving is becoming an issue,” said Sgt. Chris Andreacola of the Tucson Police Department. “Driving an automobile is a dangerous thing. All your efforts should be focused on operating the vehicle. Not texting, not on the phone, not eating, not putting on makeup, not doing anything other than operating the vehicle.”

Nearly 2,000 public-safety experts from all over the country are taking part in the Lifesavers Conference.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is one of the major sponsors of the conference.