Phoenix family mourns son slain in violent Mexican border city

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PHOENIX - A Phoenix family is mourning the loss of a 26-year-old son and brother they say was senselessly murdered while visiting family in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Josue Reyes Castro and more than a dozen other family members traveled from Phoenix to Ciudad Juarez for a family reunion over spring break.

On the night of Thursday March 17tthe family was wrapping up their trip and packing to return to Arizona, when a group of strangers pulled up to the house where they were staying and opened fire. Reyes Castro was struck in the torso.

Gracila Castro, Reyes Castro's mother, says police arrived but initially refused to take her son to the hospital because they believed he had been part of the violence. They eventually transported him, but Reyes Castro died en route to the hospital.

"This image will...never never leave my head," said Benjamin Reyes, Reyes Castro's brother. "I see my brother halfway hanging out of the car with his eyes rolled back in his head, blood everywhere, the cops didn't want to touch him or move him, they left him hanging."

Another man, 36-year-old Miguel Angel Martinez, of Juarez, also died in the gunfire. A 4-year-old girl and Reyes Castro's uncle were also injured.

The family says they have no idea why they were targeted or who the gunmen were. Police in Mexico have said they are investigating but the family remains doubtful.

"What they're doing right now is...we havent found anybody, case closed," said Andrea Reyes, Reyes Castro's sister.

Reyes Castro was engaged to his longtime girlfriend and studying to be a mechanic.

His family brought his ashes back from Mexico on Wednesday. They plan to hold a memorial service in Phoenix next weekend.