McCain notes progress during border visit

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DOUGLAS, Ariz. -- Senator John McCain has been a critic lately of U.S. efforts to secure the border with Mexico. But after another visit Thursday with four Arizona Congressmen, he's reporting progress.

It was an eventful trip to the border for Senator McCain and his fellow Republicans.

"We witnessed a drug seizure there while we were there in Douglas.  It's a bad situation," said Representative Jeff Flake.

The situation is one that Senator McCain has seen before. This time, he sees signs of improvement.

"I think all of us would agree that there have been some improvements, but the level of violence has also dramatically increased on the other side of the border," said Senator McCain.

Some of the ranchers the Republicans talked to say the improvements at the border can be credited to the National Guard.

"We hear that the work that the National Guard is doing is vital and it needs to be increased rather than decreased," said McCain.

The White House decided to pull out the National Guard troops in less than four months.

Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva feels that cuts made by Republicans to Homeland Security is not making the border safer.

"And I wish they would talk to members of the House of Representatives, their Republican colleagues, who effectively cut the Homeland Security budget and the budget for border enforcement," said Grijalva.

Another top issue facing the U.S. is the no fly zone in Libya.  Grijalva has a problem with the Obama administration not including Congress on the deployment of U.S. air power over Libya.

"And I agree with some of the more conservative members of our Congress.  The Congress should have had prior consultation.  Not individuals, the rank and file should have known what was going on," said Grijalva.

McCain believes that the no fly zone should have been enforced sooner.

"If we had implement the no fly zone 3 weeks ago, Gadhafi would be either dead or in Venezuela," said McCain.

Following the press conference Senator McCain and the Arizona congressmen headed to the Border Patrol's Yuma sector.