Tucson testing anti-graffiti paint

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's been a long drawn out battle, the City of Tucson versus graffiti vandals.  It never seems to end. But the city thinks it has a new weapon.

Sherwin-Williams has a graffiti resistant paint.

The first task is getting rid of the unwanted artwork.  Once that's completed, the anti-graffiti paint is applied.

"It dries in about 8 hours after that if it gets tagged by spray paint its easily removed by pressure washing or or washing with a sponge and water or brushing it off with a dry brush," said Joe Kujawski from Sherwin-Williams.

The new technology would also make it easier for the city's work crews that are out there battling the graffiti.

"Without graffiti coating technology was available, a city like Tucson would have to repaint a wall several times, 10, 15, 20 times often that many times in a year to keep up with the graffiti tags," said Kujawski.

Tucson maybe getting some more help in the fight against graffiti from the Homework Program.

The program targets people who are looking to learn the skill of painting.

"To identify mainly younger adults who have been disadvantaged, adults that have not had the skills to get full time employment," said Kujawski.

Once the students complete a 2 week class, they are well on their way to getting a job and possible making the city look better.

"We give them the skills of how to be painters and then they have a marketable skill, that they can go work for the city or they can go work for a painting contractor start making a working wage and bring themselves out of poverty," said Kujawski.

Sherwin-Williams plans to take the technology to cities all across the country, Tucson was the first stop.