Little Tails: Can you help Harley find a stable, loving family?

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

Harley loved his family but when he was six months old they left him at a boarding facility and never came back for him. 

He lived at the kennel for six months before contacting Carrie Singer with the Animal Guardian Network.  It wasn't long before she found him a loving family who adopted him but this wasn't his happy ending. 

After two years he ran from his yard and ended up at a vet clinic who called Carrie once again for help.  She tried unsuccessfully to contact his adopted family before taking him back to the Animal Guardian Ranch. Harley has been bounced from home to home and is now looking for his forever family. 

Harley is a 3-year-old Rottweiler mix. Rottweilers originated in Germany where they were used to herd livestock and pulled carts of meat to market. While still used in herding they are also taking on other rolls as guide dogs for the blind, guard and police dogs as well as used in search and rescue operations.  Rottweilers are calm, confident and courageous as we found out with Harley. We also learned he likes the water after walking through the fountain in Carrie's yard.

He's a little standoffish with men, but during our visit he didn't seem to have a problem with our photographer.  They even enjoyed a game of tug-of-war that ended with Harley getting a burst of energy. But that didn't last too long.

He was back to belly rubs in no time.  But don't let this laziness fool you, Harley can be an active dog who would like going on jogs, hikes or long walks with his family. He also loves his toys and wants to be the only pet in the house. 

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