2 Arrested after stolen aircraft found at Scottsdale swap meet

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PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- Police arrested two Prescott men in connection with the theft of a peddle aircraft.

On March 11, a Prescott resident saw the aircraft at a swap meet in Scottsdale. The resident recognized the craft from a flyer created by the theft victim, according to Lt. Tim Fletcher with the Prescott Police Department.

The resident used his cell phone to photograph the aircraft and sent the victim a picture. The victim verified that the craft was his due to unique markings.

Prescott police asked for assistance from the Scottsdale Police Department, who learned that the vendor purchased the peddle aircraft from Robert Sadova, 40.

Sadova mentioned Alexander Gabbert, 21, during an interview with Prescott police detectives. Fletcher said both men admitted knowing each other and having possession of the craft, but they could not reasonably explain how they obtained it.

On Monday, Sadova and Gabbert were arrested for trafficking in stolen property. Both men were transported to the Camp Verde jail.

Gabbert was also booked for weapon and drug offenses for being in possession of marijuana and a 12-gauge shotgun when contacted by investigators.