Horne, Martinez clash in Ethnic Studies debate at UA

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Ethnic Studies debate heated up in Tucson Tuesday night.  To the surprise of Ethnic Studies supporters the man at the center of the conflict came to the Old Pueblo to make his case.

HB 2881's biggest players were present at the University of Arizona College of Law, the man leading the lawsuit against HB 2881, attorney Richard Martinez, plus the state's most out spoken opponent of Ethnic Studies, former State School Superintendent and current Attorney General Tom Horne.

The men met face-to-face for the first time in front of a large crowd of Arizona law students.

"I think it will be mostly cordial, but there will probably be a couple digs," said law student Carol Lamoreaux.

The opponents may have been cordial, but it was clear they felt passionate about their respective positions. 

"Public schools in the 21st century should not be dividing by race," said Attorney General Horne.

"I think we have a country that allows us to be proud of who we are," said Martinez.

While some audience members expressed interest in hearing both sides of the argument, it is unlikely many minds were changed.

It was clear from the very beginning the audience was not evenly divided.

Each time Horne spoke he was met with laughter and jeers while Martinez was cheered.