Getting affordable dental care

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PHOENIX - People who don't have dental insurance and are looking for high quality care at affordable prices can look into an innovative dental plan in Arizona.

Several years ago Southwest Dental Group realized there was a need for affordable dental services and created the Southwest Dental Plan.

The plan provides discounts for all dental procedures. The plan lays out the prices for their services and takes the guessing out of how much the procedure will cost.

Southwest Dental Group has over 80 dentists and hygienists ranging from general doctors to specialists.

The plan
covers just about everything from root canals to orthodontics.

In their brochure you can find all of the pricing and details of the services offered in the plan.

Many times insurance companies won't cover treating pre-existing conditions, but with Southwest Dental Plan procedures are covered.

They are offering a special for customers who call, you can get a brochure which includes a $25 coupon and a $25 gift certificate.

Southwest Dental Plan is an option for anyone who needs dental coverage or to assist those if your work doesn't offer coverage. 

About Southwest Dental Plan
Southwest Dental Plan is a leading dental program in the state of Arizona delivering high-quality, affordable dental health care to individuals, families, seniors and small businesses. To learn more about becoming a member of Southwest Dental Plan, visit or call 602-926-0060

About Southwest Dental Group
Since 1973, Southwest Dental Group has been helping patients attain and maintain optimal dental health through a patient-centered approach in a comfortable, caring and safe environment. Services provided include the entire range of dental care services from general dentistry; specialty dental care, such as Periodontics, Endodontics, oral surgery, TMJ; and orthodontics. For more information about Southwest Dental Group, please visit