Missing school board member remains a mystery

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PHOENIX - Last November Irma Moreno ran for a seat on the Roosevelt School District's Governing Board.

She won, with more than 5,000 votes and then she vanished.

Moreno didn't show up for the swearing-in ceremony in December and has failed to appear at any board meetings since then.

Tracey Benson, with the Maricopa County Education Service Agency, says this is the first time her office has ever seen this happen. "We've tried to reach her by phone and letter and we just haven't had any luck being in touch with her."

Her campaign paperwork states her profession as "housewife." There was no answer at the door of the residence listed as her address. Neighbors say they haven't seen her since December. She was supposed to take one woman to work, but never showed up.

Joel Martinez told The Arizona Republic he used to be engaged to Moreno, until she "flew the coop" in December. He also says he filed a police report, but Phoenix police don't have anything on record for Moreno. They are not conducting an investigation into her apparent disappearance.

Benson says her office is working to replace Moreno. She says the Arizona Constitution says the person who previously held the governing board seat can continue in the role until the next election. If he or she  declines, someone will be appointed to fill it.

The governing board says it has not had any split votes among its current four members. They say a vote by Moreno would not have changed the outcome of anything on the agenda.