Hundreds learn CPR at Save-a-life Saturday event

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords may not have lived until today if it weren't for basic life-saving skills administered by her intern Daniel Hernandez.

Saturday, Hernandez teamed up with the Red Cross to teach hundreds of people how to be heroes on call should tragedy strike again.

Save a life Saturday drew dozens of people to this class at the Doubletree Hotel.

Students were wrapping bandages, performing hands only CPR, and learning how to care for shock.

Mary Davidson and Andrea Jackson are perfect strangers helping each other.  It's a scenario played out on January 8 where so many bystanders became heroes to people they've never before met.

"Meet them the first time, let them help you, I'm thankful she's here," said participant Andrea Jackson.

"It's that knowledge that I can do something, I can be safe, I don't have to have a fear, and there probably will be other people who will join me," said American Red Cross Health and Safety Instructor Philip Wigtil

Congressional intern Daniel Hernandez, was also on hand, teaching others about the very skills he used to care for Gabrielle Giffords immediately after she was shot.

"For me it's really rewarding especially after what happened and people come up to me and say I want to take a CPR class and I want to take a first aid class," said

Doctor Randall Friese used the brief class to brush up on his skills.  He was part of the medical team that treated Giffords at UMC.

"It used to be that you would try to keep it above your heart," said Dr. Friese.

Instructors answered questions about techniques and the recent changes to CPR.  Hernandez was inspired by the turnout.

"The Tucson community never really is allowing itself to be defined by negative actions no matter what happens.  We always move forward as a community.  It's really exciting the things we're teaching today might save one life," said Hernandez.

Tucson wasn't the only city learning to save a life.  Classes were held at six different locations in Southern Arizona, and many more locations across the U.S.