How to reduce your stress and anxiety with online tool

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PHOENIX – Stress. It’s something with which many people deal on a daily basis. Often, something in your past can contribute to your daily stress and anxiety.

Kaley O’Kelley recently spotted a billboard across the street from the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Central Phoenix, and it intrigued her with its potential to help so many.

The Clayton Stress Institute offers an online tool that offers a relatively inexpensive and completely confidential program designed to help you reduce your stress and anxiety on your own.

The technique is called Eye Movement Memory Processing™ or EMMP™, and according to experts, it can help relieve the stress left behind by traumatic events like military combat, natural disasters, domestic violence, or sexual abuse.

When we think of debilitating stress from past experiences intruding on current lives, we often think of post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, but severe stress can have its roots in any number of things. Whatever the cause, chronic stress and anxiety can be devastating for the victims and his or her loved ones.

“Think of having it being the seventh game of the World Series and it is a full count and the bottom of the ninth. Now think of that as happening for eight straight hours for six months in a row,” said Dr. Nick Dewan, a psychiatrist and the chief health officer of the Clayton Stress Institute. “Stress takes a major toll on your mind and heart and takes a major toll on how you function in life.”

So many people try to deal with their stress and anxiety by themselves, but they don’t always have the tools they need to get the results they want.The Clayton Stress Institute was created to change that.

“We know that when traumatic events occur, like those found in people with PTSD and extreme stress, there is both a memory and emotion that gets stored,” Dewan explained. “Sometimes that emotion is a very powerful emotion. It can be very disturbing. Any time that traumatic memory is brought back up, so are those strong emotions.”

The goal of EMMP™ is to basically separate the memory from the emotion.

According to Dewan, EMMP™ involves a series of treatments using eye-movement and memory processing. Users remain focused on a specific traumatic event while performing the specified eye movements by watching a series of lights that move back and forth across the monitor. Eventually users will be able to remember the facts of what caused the trauma, but the pain associated with the event goes away.

The eye movement performed during the EMMP™ is the key. It dampens the emotion that comes with the memory in question.

“When that memory is stored again, the strength of that disturbing emotion is much reduced,” Dewan said.

The process is repeated until the disturbing emotion and resulting stress are greatly diminished.

The Clayton Stress Institute’s web site is very simple to use. EMMP™ sessions, which take about 10 minutes each, are relatively inexpensive. A single session is $20; a three-session plan is $35; a 10-session plan is $75.

Another benefit of the Clayton Stress Institute is that you don’t have to make an appointment. You can work on your own schedule – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only is the treatment completely confidential, it’s totally in your hands.

The best part is that the results seem to come quickly, with marked improvement in just two or three sessions. According to Dewan, 93 percent of EMMP™ users were able to reduce their stress by more than 40 percent.

Testimonials on the Clayton Stress Institute's website, the first to put EMMP™ in patients's hands, are telling.

"I’ve been treated for PTSD for several years with talk therapy and medication,” wrote Bret from Arizona. “I found your website and had a session. Amazing! Not only did the memory let go of my mind, it’s finally in the past, put away and dealt with."

“After using your program, I was noticeably calmer and had much less anxiety in the following days,” wrote Sarah of Colorado. “The traumatic incident that I targeted seemed to be drained of its power after only a few sessions.”

According to the website, while many people experience an almost immediate reduction in their stress and anxiety, studies show that the positive effects of EMMP™ last.