Pet of the Day - Lucy

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#689472 – 9 Years Old – Beagle Mix – Female

Yes, Lucy is just as sweet as she looks!  This easygoing girl is perfectly content doing whatever you want.  Walk around the block?  Sounds great!  Curling up with a good book?  Fantastic idea!  Picnic at the park?  Lucy will provide the entertainment!  Given the chance, this lovable girl will follow you around all day with a smile.  Lucy is great with kids and even got along beautifully with cats and bunnies in her former household.  However, Lucy was given up when she started resource guarding her food and toys from one of the other dogs.  Nothing a little patience and prudence can’t fix!  Don’t get Lucy wrong.  She loves other dogs.  But she also likes having her space.  When she’s not busy making new friends, Lucy enjoys sunbathing, performing tricks, and taking in the sights and smells of exciting new places.  The next item on Lucy’s list of places to explore is your house!  Won’t you take this perfect little lady home today?  Lucy promises to reward her rescuer with a lifetime of gratitude and adoration.

$10 adoption fee!