Easter centerpieces, a project for all

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St Patrick’s Day and Easter, two holidays that when you think of them you think spring. I think projects, parties, friends, family and fun. My ideas are all about the kids, family time and an easy budget.

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Project #1: Shamrock Centerpiece and Easter Centerpiece: My favorite part about this project is you will use the same base for each holiday.

Step 1: Keep it inexpensive and start in the backyard.  Trim a couple of branches and spray-paint them a bright lime green.

Step 2: Find different size shamrock and egg templates online and trace them onto different shades and patterns of scrap-booking paper.

Step 3:To enable the shamrocks/eggs to be hung, use a thin green and purple ribbon and double-sided tape to secure it between two shamrocks/eggs. 

Step 4:To keep the branch stable in the vase, use a pre cut piece of floral foam and double sided tape to secure the foam in the vase.

Step 5: What’s St. Patrick’s Day without a pot of gold? Chocolate coins are the first choice. If choosing a larger vase, use half plastic coins and half chocolate to keep the cost reasonable.

For the Easter version jellybeans are the obvious choice. Last step, hang the shamrocks/eggs and you have a fun festive St. Patty’s Day arrangement that will transition into Easter.

Project #2: Holiday Placemats:
Step 1: Select various colors of green, pastel and holiday pattern sheets of scrap-booking paper, various holiday ribbons and more shamrock/egg templates.

Step 2: Glue or double sided tape can be used to adhere the cut-outs onto the full size scrapbook paper. Add ribbons, stickers or any other holiday embellishments.

Step 3: Choose to have the same look for the entire table or just have fun and create several different looks. If the placemats stay clean they can double as a page in your scrapbook.

Project #3: Place cards: Not only are they a great look for Easter but also, the overall concept could be used for several occasions.

Step 1: Use a thicker scrapbook paper or cardstock.

Step 2: Search the Internet for a great selection of templates. For Easter a flower is a good choice.

Step 3: The center is a small cupcake paper cup, secure with double sided tape and fill with jellybeans.

Step 4: Write the name of the person and you have a fun fresh place card.

Project #4: Food!
As we all know every holiday has certain foods associated with them. Some of those are family favorites others are rooted in the traditions of the holiday. But what it all comes down to is DESSERT!

What would be more perfect for St. Patrick’s Day than an all Green Ice Cream Sundae?
Mint chocolate chip or Pistachio ice cream
Green M&M’s
Green gummy bears/worms or whatever other green gummies you can find
Green sprinkles
Green maraschino cherries
Whipped cream – go the extra mile make it from scratch and add green food coloring
The Dollar Store has a great selection of inexpensive holiday décor. The perfect sundae container could be plastic St. Patrick’s Day mug for a $1.00 each.
Set up all the ingredients and let everyone create their own green sundae masterpiece!

Cupcake decorating can be an alternative to traditional egg decorating. Or double the fun and decorate both!

Easter Cupcake Decorating:
Keep it simple and use a box mix and pre-made icing. One way to jazz up a store mix is to add powdered pink lemonade to confetti white cake mix. Use up to 1 cup or less to taste. Simply add the powered lemonade to the mix and follow the rest of the directions on the mix box.

Cupcake paper cups come in many shapes, colors and patterns. Choose ones to enhance the look of the occasion.
Flower lollipops from the Dollar Store at 6/$1.00.
Various colors of decorating sugars and sprinkles
Jelly Beans
Shredded coconut add green food coloring
Not only will you have fun creating a unique display they will be delicious too!

I hope that trying one or all of these projects will help you to create fun memories with your friends and family.

Everyday should be a party!
Michele Jeffery