Amazing scale model airplanes flying at RC event this weekend

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PHOENIX – If you’re a fan of building model airplanes and flying remote-controlled planes, then Adobe Mountain Park is Phoenix is the place to be this weekend.

The One Eighth Air Force Scale Model Fly-in is going on both Saturday and Sunday.

Members of the On Eighth Air Force build replicas of real war-time airplanes, spending as much as $10,000. Building one plane can take years.

“It’s not a hobby. It’s an obsession, really,” said pilot John Deacon, who has been hooked on RC planes since for 60 years. “When you’ve put thousands of hours into building a model airplane, and you crash it – I’ve seen grown men cry.”

“We try to make them as realistic as possible, and then we try to fly them and display them as realistic as possible,” said RC pilot Bob Frey.

About 100 of the incredibly detailed scale replicas will be on display at this weekend’s event. Not only can you see the planes, you also will have the chance to fly an RC plane – with the help of an instructor.

All types of scale aircraft are welcome at the event. The 100-decibel sound limit and the 400-foot ceiling will be strictly enforced.

Parking for the event is $5 per day.

Adobe Mountain Park is located at 3410 W. Crest Drive, Phoenix.