Natural ways to protect yourself from radiation

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX – Even though President Barack Obama has assured Americans that they are not in danger of nuclear radiation from Japan, some are still concerned about a nuclear cloud reaching the U.S.

In many West Coast cities, there has been a run on potassium iodide tablets. Potassium iodide can protect the thyroid gland from radiation poisoning, but there are potential side effects, especially when there’s no radiation danger.

David Herzog, a certified nutrition coach and author of “Natural to Super Natural Health,” says there are things you can do to protect yourself without taking a potentially dangerous medication.

Herzog said he has been inundated with calls from people who are worried about possible radiation poisoning.

“Ninety percent of Americans are really low on iodine, and you can get that from natural foods,” Herzog explained.

According to Herzog, spirulina and chlorella, miso soup, curcumin, baking soda, cilantro and clay baths, magnesium baths, and Dead Sea salts can beef up your natural defenses and help protect you from radiation.

“They have elements in there that take away the radioactivity, the heavy metals,” Herzog said.

Officials have said repeatedly that Americans are not in danger from radiation coming from Japan, but many are still wary. The situation with the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant in Japan also has many people concerned about the possibility of a nuclear disaster at an American plant like Palo Verde, which is just 55 miles west of Phoenix and is the largest power producer of any kind in the entire country.

“It’s always wiser to protect yourself,” Herzog said. “I would beef up your systems with natural foods, just to be safe.”

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