3 On Your Side gets family's stolen camper back

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GLENDALE - “Right now,” Matthias Figueroa said. “Times are tough.”

Figueroa works two jobs to support his wife, four children and two foster children.

When the family finds free time, chances are they're camping, in their pop-up travel trailer that, to Matthias, has much more sentimental than dollar value.

“It's not even really the travel trailer, it's everything that we've collected on camping trips over the years,” he said.

But lately, the camper has just been collecting dust, ever since it was stolen in late last year.

To make matters worse, Matthias says by the time he filed a report with Glendale Police, the camper had already been recovered and towed to this yard in south Phoenix.

“During that time, the tow yard is racking up the bills,” he said.

The bill now stands at more than $2,200.

Matthias says he has no way to pay that amount, and above all, believes he shouldn't have to.

“I'm willing to pay a service fee, or a small something for the tow, the gas mileage, whatever standard procedure is,” he said. “But to be racking it up in the case of a theft just seems criminal.”

3 On Your Side dug up the Arizona statue pertaining to stolen vehicles that are towed.

It says an impound agency shall release a vehicle to the registered owner "if the vehicle is a stolen vehicle."

However, Glendale Police tells us that doesn't mean the tow company can't charge you.

“It's a bad situation you know,” Matthias said.

By the time the Figueroas emailed 3 On Your Side, All Valley Towing had already considered the camper abandoned, and had taken over the title.

But, we contacted All Valley Towing and struck a deal.

Matthias could have his travel trailer back for just $200.

“Tt took my breath away,” he said. “I couldn't believe it.”

With the camper hooked up and ready to haul home, Matthias said he can't wait to take his family camping again.

He thanks 3 On Your Side for allowing the self-proclaimed ‘camping foolz’ to get back to doing what they love.

“Thank you very much,” he said. “Like I said, for the last couple weeks we just didn't think anything was gonna happen. So, it’s a big deal, thank you.”