Pet of the Day - Ebony

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#686006 – 9 Years Old – Domestic Short Hair – Female

Ebony is definitely a cat who would really appreciate having someone to love.  After falling on hard times, Ebony hasn’t had much luck or stability lately.  It all started when the woman who hand raised Ebony from kittenhood passed away.  Luckily, Ebony was taken in by the lady’s son, but when he also passed away unexpectedly her world was turned upside down once again.  She found friendship and renewed happiness with a kind lady, but lost her dear 91-year-old friend when she needed to go into an assisted living home.  Although Ebony is quite disheartened by her series of painful losses, this resilient kitty perks up when she receives some affection in the form of chin scratches and ear rubs. Although she always seems to have a scowl, Ebony is an absolute sweetheart.   Just ask our volunteers and staff!  Loyal and eager-to-please, Ebony would be delighted to have the opportunity for companionship once again.  She promises she’ll fit in perfectly with your family - whether you’re a single person, couple or family, with or without other pets.  Won’t you give this black beauty who has overcome the greatest of setbacks the chance to be cherished once again?