Tucson based World Care gathering donations for Japan relief

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Japan is still dealing with frigid weather, making it even tougher on those recovering from devastation.

World Care Civilian Emergency Relief Center of Tucson is trying to help the people of Japan with supplies and they're teaming up with Walgreens in Arizona to get the help to the island nation.

"It's a very unique disaster, because there's three disasters in one, the earthquake, the tsunami, as well as the nuclear issues," said World Care founder Lisa Hopper.

Lisa Hopper has seen similar devastation before she started world care in her garage and has been helping with disaster relief since 1996.

Her goal right now is trying to get medical and hygiene supplies to Japan.

"This is probably one of the most complex disasters that I have seen, there's a huge need for these resources, the resources aren't getting to them," said Hopper.

There's also a huge need for supplies to be donated to world care.  That's why they have teamed up with Walgreens stores across the state.

"They help in giving us areas for people to donate within their regions,"

The donation items range from face masks to band-aids.  So far things have been coming in a little bit slower than expected.

"It's a slower response than other disasters but, this is going to be a very long and drawn out disaster, because its still going on," said Hopper.

To pick up that response world care is asking people to donate at Walgreens or at their building.

"They can send a check or whatever they feel comfortable with so we are open for whatever they want to do we just want to make sure they do something," said Hopper.

World Care has not sent anything over to Japan because all the shipping ports have been closed. They are currently looking for other options to getting supplies to the people who need them.

Visit the World Care web site to donate.