Giffords honored with CPR-day and Sierra Vista man's Purple Heart

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Inspired by the heroic actions that saved lives during January's deadly Safeway shooting spree, the Red Cross is teaching valuable life-saving skills.

Volunteers on Capitol Hill Wednesday teaching Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords colleagues and staff hands-only CPR and basic first aid.

The training comes ahead of this weekend's "Save-a-Life Saturday," intended to honor Congresswoman Giffords.

This weekend, Red Cross volunteers will teach first aid and CPR at more than one hundred locations nationwide.

And as Gabrielle Giffords continues to improve, she also continues to receive a remarkable number of honors and awards.

Wednesday, a military man from Sierra Vista gave up something near and dear to his heart so the congresswoman knows how much he hopes she makes a complete recovery.

Al Lee had two hearts. Wednesday he gave one away.

"I'd like to present this to you for Congresswoman Giffords.  It is the coin that is given to injured service members who are injured in combat and awarded the Purple Heart Medal," said Lee.

Al Lee was awarded the purple heart in 2003 after he was injured in Iraq while in the army.

But after watching the events of January 8 unfold and hearing about what the congresswoman faces on her road to recovery, he wanted to give back for all she's done.

"I wanted her to have it because of her strong support of the veterans," said Lee.

Giffords aide Pam Simon accepted the medal on her behalf.

Simon serves on the congresswoman's Veterans Advisory Committee and was also shot at the Safeway shopping center on January 8.

"It holds extra meaning because, I've said before, that in a very small way, experiencing that trauma has given me an understanding, just a little bit, of what our men and women go through," said Simon.

Because Giffords has given so much, Lee said this is the least he could do for someone he sees as an injured comrade.

"Having had discussions with her about veterans affairs and stuff, I know it will touch her, I know it will," said Lee.

Lee heads for Okinawa Thursday for 24 months but hopes to see Giffords again once she's released from rehab.