Tucson's Republican mayoral candidates

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- East side residents got a chance to meet Republican candidates running for mayor Wednesday night.

Shaun McClusky and Ron Asta will run against each other in the Republican Primary on August 30.

Ward 4 council candidate Tyler Vogt was there as well.

"I wanna run the city the same way we run our business with a little fiscal responsibility and sensibility, some forward thinking , and we wanna do that with some common sense practices.  We need to get out of being reactive.  We need to start being proactive, and look at ways that we can generate income without taxation," said McClusky.

"This city its dying.  The people here are great, there's no leadership, they say they want infill but as a land planner i have seen clients have their dreams busted over and over and over again," said Asta.

On the Democratic side Jonathan Rothschild is running.  And Pat Dacy is considering a run as an Independent.