How to dry your cell phone

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PHOENIX -- If you haven't done it yourself, you probably know somebody who has dropped his or her cell phone in the swimming pool, the sink, or even the toilet.

You might have heard of ways to salvage the device, but are they for real? Or it is a lost cause?

Agent Anthony Goodman of the Geek Squad showed Tara Hitchcock exactly what to do if your phone takes an unexpected dip.

The key is to act as quickly as possible. By the way, a blow-dryer won't work.

First, you need to remove the back of the phone and pull out the battery. Use a cloth or paper towel to dry the phone as much as you can. While it might look dry at this point, it's not.

Grab an airtight container like a zip-top bag. Fill it with dry rice, throw in the phone so that the rice covers it, and then seal the bag.

Another option is to use the little desiccant packages you find in beef jerky, shoes and purses. (They're the ones that say, "Do not eat.") Lay a pack or two in the phone's battery compartment, place the phone in your air-tight container and seal it up. The idea is to soak up the moisture. Dry rice or the desiccant pack will do that.

Once the phone is sealed up, all you can do is wait. Leave it for at least 12 to 24 hours to allow the rice or desiccant pack to suck up all the moisture.

While this is not a sure-fire method of saving your phone, it's worth a shot. If it works, it will save you the cost of replacing the device.