How to dog-proof your house

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PHOENIX -- You've probably heard of baby-proofing your house, but what about pet-proofing?

It's a good idea because cats and dogs can get into a surprising amount of trouble, much of which is preventable.

Kaley O'Kelley got some tips from Heather Owen of Camp Bow Wow.

First, you should get down on the floor and take a look at your house from your pet's point of view. It's a whole new world when you can see what they see.

Consider using child-proofs latches and locks for cabinets. Safety gates can also be a good option.

Use bitter lemon or bitter apple sprays to discourage your pet from scratching or chewing on furniture.

Be careful with cords and wires. Pets can not only get tangled up in them, they can also chew on them. That's not just dangerous, it can also destroy your electronics. Consider cord shorteners or protective casings. Outlet covers in wall sockets and window-cord safety locks are also good ideas.

Hide the trash can. Dogs, especially, like to investigate the goodies that are in the trash. If the trash can gets knocked over and emptied (and played with or eaten), bacteria can spread quickly through the house. What's more, whatever is in the trash could be dangerous to your pet if ingested.

Invest in sofa and chair covers to control fur. They're easy to clean and will protest your furniture.

Be wary of household plants. Some of them can be poisonous to animals. The same thing is true of some foods, including grapes/raisins and chocolate.