Local firefighter says mom faces threat of radiation poisoning in Japan

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PHOENIX - Scottsdale resident Toru Kawana moved to the states from Japan back in the 80’s. Most of his family still lives in Japan, including his 81-year-old mother.
He got word this weekend that his mother is among the survivors and after days of trying to reach her, he was finally able to get a call through. She said her home is wrecked, water is scarce, and the winter weather is troubling.
As a Scottsdale firefighter, Kawana is used to rushing to the aid of anyone in need. Now though he must sit helpless as he is unable to do anything for his family back home.
His mom lives in Fukushima prefecture. Residents there are living with the constant threat of nuclear meltdown. Her house is about 40 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. Emergency workers are busy are the plant putting out fires and keeping the cooling systems from breaking down.
Knowing his mother is in trouble has left him literally sick with stress. However, she reminds him that if he was a firefighter in Japan, he wouldn’t be by her side. He would be busy saving lives.