Fans can travel with 'Cats to meet Memphis

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Between St. Patty's day celebrations and the big basketball game this Friday, there will be a lot of partying in Tucson this week.

Of course, the extreme fans will head to Tulsa to watch the 'Cats face off against the Memphis Tigers.

But some fans can book a trip to Oklahoma, traveling right along side the players.

Wildcat fever is taking over Tucson as fans prepare for Friday's big game against the Memphis Tigers in Tulsa.

Most Wildcats will watch the game from home, but some lucky ones will head to Tulsa with the team, literally.

"They're big fans, so to travel with the team is a treat, and to stay at the hotel where the team is, is also fun," said Jeff Colson from Bon Voyage Travel.

Bon Voyage Travel is offering official University of Arizona Wildcat NCAA travel packages.

About 40 fans will get to travel on the team's charter flight and stay at a Doubletree Hotel. The same place where the team's staying.

"You're amongst all the fans, everyone on that plane is rooting for the University of Arizona to win and continue to move on in the tournament and hopefully move on to Anaheim," said Colson.

Fans will also get to attend a pregame party before Sunday's game.

"Just the camaraderie of traveling with the group of fans, rooting for the same team, is a fun experience," said Colson.

Pricing is still up in the air, but for hardcore fans, you can't put a price on a chance to get up close and personal with their hometown team.

The charter flight will leave Tucson Wednesday at 2 P.M.
Visit Bon Voyage travel for more information.