Getting on track for a healthy financial future

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PHOENIX - Are you doing everything to maximize your financial future and get on a plan to save for retirement?

If not, Chris Fowler with Equitable Financial Group has a solution to plan for your future.

Most Americans are not planning for their future and are going to reach the age of 65 and not be able to retire.

National retirement statistics show only 4% of people who are 65 are actually financially independent and able to retire without working another day in their life.

What that means is 96% of those at retirement age are working well into their late 70s to be able to provide for themselves.

That small 4% were disciplined in saving for their retirement and thought about their financial plan in advance.

The misconception people have about financial planning is they don't have enough money to start saving, but Equitable Financial says that is not true.

Why do people not have a financial planner or adviser?

The first reason is people generally think they don't have enough money to have a financial planner. Fowler said you don't have to be wealthy to have a financial planner or adviser.

The second reason is they don't want to pay the fees associated with having a financial planner or adviser.

At Equitable Financial their no cost, no fee philosophy means you never have to pay for any of their services.

Equitable Financial's dedication to helping everyone sets them apart from other firms. Bottom line is everyone needs a financial plan.

It doesn't matter how much money you have, you just need to be disciplined about saving.

In fact, Fowler said it is probably more important for someone who makes under $75,000 to have financial plan then someone who is making millions.

When you call, Equitable Financial takes people through a financial consultation, looking at income verses expenses and protecting those assets. An advisor looks at your budget, ways to increase cash flow, pay down debt and build and maintain an emergency fund.

The retirement aspect is the most important factor in looking at maintaining a good financial health. No matter your age, Equitable Financial will show you how to build and maintain retirement savings in two ways. They will look at the rate of return and taxes. An advisor will show you how to maximize today's taxes and look at those returns in the future.

Equitable Financial Group has a special offer for 3TV viewers that is two fold. People are busy and not making finances a priority, so someone from Equitable Financial Group is going to make an appointment to come and meet with you. Also the first 20 callers will receive a $50 visa gift card for initial financial consultation.