Diagnosing, treating fibromyalgia pain at AZ Pain Centers

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PHOENIX - Fibromyalgia pain is something many people deal with but is very misunderstood. Basic thought is that it is centered in the brain, but it really effects the whole body.

There are 18 different trigger points and if you have 11 of them then you meet part of the diagnosis. A history of pain above and below the waist in all four quadrants of the body is the second part of examining a fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Tiredness and depression are also connected to fibromyalgia.

In treating the fibromyalgia pain AZ Pain Centers works to reestablish the patient's sleep and wake cycles. Getting a patient sleeping at a normal schedule can help reduce symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

The best treatment is physical activity.

Trying to improve physical activity on a daily basis can help with living daily with the pain.

Most people who come to AZ Pain Centers have become sedentary because of the aches and pains so exercise can go a long way in a patient's treatment. Most of the big joints are involved: hip pain, knee pain and joints.

AZ Pain Centers addresses whatever is bothering a patient the most.

Steroidal injections and a non-steroidal technique is also used in treating fibromyalgia. The non-steroidal technique works with the body's natural occurring anti-inflammatory substance and is able to provide a healing substance with no side effects.

At AZ Pain Centers there are experts who deal with doctors and insurance companies to make it easy to seek treatment at one of their locations.