Tucson agencies asking for donations to help Japan

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It was a natural disaster of epic proportions. The destruction in Japan is so widespread, it will take a worldwide effort to get the country back on track.  Several agencies in Tucson are pulling together to lend a hand and they're calling on you for support.

"Right now we have pacific units ready to respond if necessary," said Tamara McElwee from the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has more than 60 units operational in Japan.  What they need is more supplies.

"Well right now we are asking for now in kind donations because it's too difficult to store it and get it over there what we do need, however, is financial donations," said McElwee.

The Salvation Army, like many agencies, have made it easy to donate.  Simply send a text message with the word Japan or quake to 80888.  Your phone provider will donate $10 and add it to your monthly bill.

"When they put out a call for help, that is translated to every Red Cross and every Red Cross society in the world," said Jennifer Tersigni from the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross is another organization interested only in monetary donations.  To send a $10 donation text the Red Cross at 290999.

World Care is a relief organization that collects funds and supplies. Visit their website first to see what they need the most.

"People can go to www.worldcare.org to see our supply list.  Right now we're collecting hygiene and medical supplies," said Lisa Hopper from World Care.

Whether it's a few dollars or first aid items, these groups say every bit counts.

Each text message you send to either the Salvation Army or the Red Cross counts as a $10 donation. You can text each agency up to three times.