Sick child day care offers solution for East Valley parents

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CHANDLER, Ariz. –  A sick child can mean a dilemma for parents. Do they send the child to school? Do they call in sick to work themselves?

Tess Rafols found a place that offers a solution for parents in the East Valley. It’s called Pro-Kids Get Well Childcare Center, and it’s exactly what it sounds like – day care for sick kids.

For a daily fee of $35, Pro-Kids, which is a program of Arizona Prohealth, will look after your mild to moderately ill child while you go to work. Mild to moderate illnesses include a cold, bronchitis, ear infections, pink eye and strep throat, to name a few. Pro-Kids cannot take kids who are severely ill or suffering from highly contagious diseases like measles, the flu, chicken pox and the like.

“Our goal is to provide your child with a safe, clean and comfortable environment while they recover from illness so you can tend to your busy schedule,” says the staff on the Arizona Prohealth website.

The facility accepts kids between the ages of 6 weeks and 15 years, and is staffed by certified nurse assistants, medical assistants or licensed practical nurses.

“The vast majority of the children we see are 10 years and under,” said Dr. Eric Hampton, who opened Pro-Kids Get Well Childcare with his wife, who is also a doctor. Not only are the Hamptons doctors, they are parents of young children themselves.

They understand that while most parents would prefer to stay home and care for their sick children, it’s not always possible.

"Our society just isn't quite set up for circumstances like this," Hampton said.

That’s why he and his wife came up with Pro-Kids Get Well Childcare Center.

“It’s very similar to a conventional day care …, but this is technically more of a medical facility,” Hampton said. “Because we are physicians, we’re able to come in and do a diagnosis, do some assessments and treatment as necessary.

“For those kids who lack health care or who have not had time to see a doctor, we can come in, look them over, and if we need to write a prescription, we can. We can administer treatment right here in the office with the permission of the parents.”

The Pro-Kids centers are open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

The Chandler location is the second Pro-Kids facility. The first opened in Mesa. Both are located inside Maxwell Preschool Academy locations.

The Hamptons are working on opening additional sick-child day-care centers throughout the Valley.

For more information call 480-831-7970 or visit