Tucson's Japanese community looking for answers

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucson's local Japanese community is pulling together since the disaster.

One local family is anxious to know the fate of their family members. But conditions in the ravaged country are making it difficult to get answers.

Inside Yamato Japanese restaurant in midtown a small TV flickers on as news of the devastation in Japan flashes across the screen.

Mari Kaneta says the dramatic video was hard to watch, even harder to believe, and very painful when they realized loved ones were there when nature struck.

"We found out it was in Sendai where my husband's brother is," said Kaneta.

The owners of this popular sushi bar started making calls.
But nothing was working. Hours were going by With the death toll quickly rising and the country at a standstill. All they could do was hope.

"We're just waiting," said Kaneta.  "Waiting for the good news."

That good news would make finally make its way to Tucson.

Noboru Nakajima found out his brother is alive.

It was a piece of news that, for the moment, made a local family smile.  It made them forget, for a second, about the destruction overseas.

But in the corner of the cozy restaurant, the TV still flickers on, a reminder that thousands are still missing and many families are still waiting for news.

The folks at Yamato have been planning a traditional dance performance for weeks now.   That will be held sometime in April and they'll be accepting donations for quake victims.

Details are pending.