Boy Scouts remembered with 'Death Clouds on Mt. Baldy' at Tucson Festival of Books

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The tragic deaths of three Arizona Boy Scouts were remembered Sunday at the U of A as the Tucson Festival of Books wrapped up.

Author Cathy Hufault was on hand to share the story of the lost Tucson boys in the blizzard of 1958.

Her book "Death Clouds on Mt. Baldy" details the horrific events of the November day when six boy scouts set out on a hike in the Santa Rita mountains and got hit by an arctic like blizzard.

Three of the boys died.

"This was one of the largest search and rescue efforts here in Arizona history and you had countless heroes, ordinary folks who came out and tried to save those boys before they perished," said author Cathy Hufault.

The massive search for the boys went on for nearly 20 days.  Rescue crews involved later formed the Southern Arizona Rescue Association.