Wildcats will face Josh Pastner's Memphis

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Wildcats lost the Pac-10 tournament, but they're the highest seed in the big dance from the conference.

And for the 2011 NCAA tournament they are headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma to face the 12th seeded Memphis Tigers and head coach Josh Pastner.

The Tigers won the Conference USA tournament championship game on Saturday.  Both teams with impressive looking records. Lute Olson would be proud, but more proud of Arizona of course.

Somebody on the selection committee knows their P's and Q's. The Memphis head coach is, of course, Josh Pastner, former wildcat player and assistant coach under Lute Olson.

The Tigers are 25-9 and they have a young super star, freshman guard Will Barton. 

The Tigers won the Conference USA Tournament championship game by a point over UTEP on Saturday.