Data Doc compares iPad2 and Xoom head to head

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PHOENIX -- The much-anticipated iPad2 is out, but demand is so high it's already back-ordered by as much as a month.

Ken Colburn of Data Doctors got his hands on an iPad2 and compared it head-to-head with the Motorola Xoom.

While the iPad2 is a huge improvement over the original iPad, there are still some areas where the Xoom has the edge. For one thing, its cameras have much better resolution.

The rear camera on the Xoom is 5 megapixel. The rear camera on the iPad2 is just 1 megapixel.

"The front-facing Web camera [on the Xoom] is actually better than the real camera on the iPad2," Colburn explained.

In addition, the Xoom has a flash and several settings that you can customize. The iPad2 is more of a point-and-shoot.

In addition, the screen real estate on the two tablets is different. The Xoom is a 16x9 configuration while the iPad2 is 4x3.

Unlike the Xoom, the iPad2 has a back light so it's significantly brighter. It's also thinner and lighter than the Xoom.

While Colburn will be putting both tablets through some pretty extensive testing in the coming weeks, he's sticking with his original assertion that the Xoom is for "techies" while the iPad is for more casual users, especially those who are really active on social media.