Community Corner: Social media as a tool for success

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PHOENIX -- Social media is undoubtedly changing how we interact with each other, but for those who already face challenges with communications and relationship building, it can be both a benefit and a pitfall.

That's why the Best Buddies Arizona organization has started a new program called "Ambassadors."

Rachel Southard was hired specifically to run the program, geared at helping participants learn the ins and outs of communicating.

"In all, we're going to be training about 40 individuals about all the components of communication," she said. "[We'll cover] everything from public speaking to networking to social media."

Southard says the idea is to help participants create and maintain relationships that will open up better life opportunities.

Some of the participants we spoke with were thankful for the help.

"You know, it's really hard for people with special needs to make friends," said participant Beth Rego. "This way it will help us meet other people."

"I think what they're teaching us will help with friendships and giving them more opportunities," added Charles Talhoun, another participant.

Right now, Best Buddies is looking for people to participate in the program and volunteers to help them.  Volunteers would need to commit just acouple hours each month.

One volunteer we talked to says its short on commitment and big on rewards.

"It's amazing," Samantha Mason said. "It's rewarding and it's great that you get to make that connection with them."

"It is absolutely inspiring," Southard added. "They definitely teach you more than you teach them.  Just the hurdles they've overcome and their desire to really truly become advocates for themselves."

If you'd like to volunteer to help out the Best Buddies programm you can contact them through our 3TV Passion to Action program at